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Evan Haussmann, Photographer

Evan Haussmann in Helville, Madagascar

Howzit. So I’m guessing that being here, you want to know more about me, hey? I can send you more but, being a travel photographer, I’m often on the road so check this out in the mean time…


I’m a farm boy who studied Marketing with a specialisation in Copywriting at AAA School of Advertising. After graduating I worked at what became Lowe + Partners for five years winning quite a few awards, my proudest moment was receiving a Loerie for this TV commercial.
Cubicle creativity however, stopped agreeing with me and I embarked on a freelance career as a photographer. Much of the work I did was on stills productions for large international brands including Nike, Microsoft, Mercedes, Porsche, National Geographic and just about any huge brand you can think of, except McDonalds.
These jobs allowed me to travel all over the African continent and internationally. In between paying jobs I funded my own documentary projects which included seeking and photographing remote tribes, cultural festivals and religious rituals.

Getaway Magazine

From 2009 to 2012 I was employed full-time at Getaway Magazine. Part of my job as a Senior Travel Photojournalist at Getaway magazine included responsibilities as Gear Section Editor. This aspect entailed writing four columns: Gear and gadgets, ‘How-to’ articles, an alternative sport piece and a 4×4 column, aside from the monthly travel features of course.
Until my departure from Getaway in September 2012 I was also tasked with SEO-friendly blogging and developing the Getaway Gear website.

Current Projects

I still sometimes contribute to Getaway magazine as a freelancer as well as a few other publications and projects. I won’t list them here, they obviously change  constantly, but you can call me and I’ll update you if you like. My contacts are down there somewhere. I’m also currently developing an independent gear news and review website which very much an on-going experiment. I do it primarily to keep my hand in (I love gear) and it gets me elbow-deep in the WordPress system: www.breakinggear.com. My own portfolio website www.evanhaussmann.com is right here… is this a glitch in the matrix? Then, my mate Stu Cooper (of Going Homeless fame) and I are building Africa Stock Photo – an online image library for, well, African stock imagery. The site is constantly undergoing a development to enable online print and image licensing so there’s a boatload of work going on in the backend…
Oh and besides the travel photography thing, I also have a small product photography studio should your job require that sort of photography.

My Rates?

Honestly, it’s difficult to say, as a potential client you’d know it all depends on the job and it’s specific requirements. Hit me up for a quote and I’m sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

What? You’re still here?

Cool, you’re still curious. I have a Linkedin account which I update periodically: Evan on LinkedIn
You’ll also find me procrastinating on Twitter: @EvanHaussmann, lurking on Facebook and ignoring you on Google+, sorry.
If you’re the passive type, or too busy, just sign up down below (in the footer) and you’ll get a mail when I post new stuff.
Otherwise I’m always available on email or you can call me directly on +27823367622. I really look forward to hearing from anyone with a project that I can sink my brain into.
Have a really lekker day.

What do you reckon?