Men with MASSIVE Cojones

Extreme and not so extreme sport photography in Africa

This is a gallery of extreme-ish photography mainly from my Alt Sport column in Getaway magazine. The monthly two-pager focussed on some extreme sports and outdoor activities that don’t involve chasing a ball.

Originally I conceived it to be a round up of gear for each type of extreme or alternative sport but quickly realised that there was just too much good content to jam into one issue. The editor allowed me to introduce it as a column and it ran for about a year before I had to stop doing it. Including what I’ve posted here I interviewed people and photographed them BloKarting (landyachts), FMX, skateboarding, parkour, Stand up Paddling, high and slacklining as well as Ultimate frisbee. ┬áIt was a lot of work to track down, photograph, interview athletes and compile all this info for a two-pager every month. In this digital time the print industry wants it to take half a day publishers can’t justify the cost/time.

It was fun while it lasted and I still photograph extreme and not so extreme sport when I can. I love where these guys have taken humanity’s idea of what is and isn’t possible. I like to think of this as a little celebration of limit pushing.

Here’s to a double-backflip-superman-air with a half-gainer while drinking a beer.

What do you reckon?